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Development process

We help you shorten the development time of your products and increase the value they provide to your customers. We achieve this through a thoroughly tested development method and a stable delivery foundation. Everything we do is geared towards increasing your company’s revenue.


Concept development

3D modeling


3D modeling

Strength calculation

Production optimization




Quality control



Whether you have a concrete product idea or a vision for a new development project, we have the skills to guide you through the product development process.

We are specialists in product design, so we can help you develop innovative products that are feasible and create value for both you and your customers.

Explore our design process


From ideation to production-ready designs, we will support you every step of the way.

Our experienced engineers ensure your product is optimised for production and designed to meet all requirements.

Discover how our engineers build the products of tomorrow


Whether you value sustainability, quality, or price the most, we have the production line to assist you.

We deliver to everything from electronics startups to high-quality German companies and leading furniture companies. With our established production setup, we have the competencies and resources to deliver the products you need.

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We're not ones to boast about ourselves, but when our clients boast about us it's no big deal.

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