Logistic solutions for modern businesses

We specialize in delivering the right amount of goods on time - so you can worry less about your supply chain.

We are passionate about ensuring that your goods are delivered on time – every time.
So you can focus your skills elsewhere.

We specialise in securing your supply chain so you can focus on your core business.

We offer a range of logistics agreements and operate per ICC’s Incoterms, ensuring that you receive the most effective logistics solution and have clarity on which parts of the import and handling of goods we manage and which responsibilities fall on you. With a robust supply chain, we guarantee that you can deliver your products to your customers in the desired quality.

Worry less with the proper logistics agreement.

With more than 25 years of experience in delivering items, semi-finished and finished products to our customers, we have gained a profound understanding of setting up the most effective trade and logistics solutions tailored to your needs.

As a central part of your supply chain, SinoScan ensures that your products are delivered as agreed. We manage everything from monitoring import duties and delivery times to inventory, so you can rest assured that every detail is under control.

We strengthen your business by being a strong partner.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification guarantees that we take our work seriously. But our commitment goes beyond quality control.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification covers how we produce, assemble, inspect, and document our products.

However, our commitment to quality and documentation goes beyond that. Our dedication to being a solid and integral part of your supply chain is reflected in everything we do, including our logistics solutions and trade terms. This is your guarantee of consistently delivering quality products on time.

Logistics solutions

We have over 25 years of experience delivering products, components, and semi-finished goods.

That’s why we know there may be different needs for logistics agreements.

Our offerings include traditional logistics, VMI, consignment warehousing, and dropshipping.

Learn more about these options and their advantages and disadvantages.
If you have any questions about how we can arrange the best agreement, we’re just a phone call away.

Traditional logistics involves coordinating and handling physical goods from production to delivery to you. This includes inventory management, transport planning, and distribution management. You are responsible for all logistics related to the delivery of products and items.

It provides complete control over the supply chain, which can optimise costs and efficiency throughout the distribution process. It also allows for customisation to specific customer needs and preferences.

It can be resource-intensive, both in terms of time and money, especially for smaller businesses or startups. Effective handling requires extensive logistics knowledge and capacity.

With a Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) agreement, SinoScan manages your product inventory to ensure you always have the agreed-upon amount in stock. With a VMI agreement, SinoScan controls and optimises your inventory so you can focus your resources elsewhere.

Improves inventory turnover and reduces the risk of overstocking or stock-outs by ensuring that inventory is always in line with actual demand. This can also lead to lower inventory costs for you.

This may result in less control over your inventory, and it requires trust and open communication to ensure that inventory is always optimal and tailored to your needs.

Consignment inventory refers to an agreement where products/items are stored with you but remain the property of SinoScan until you use or sell the products/items. This agreement allows you to have products/items in inventory without having capital tied to them.

Reduces the capital in inventory since payment for the goods only occurs when you use them.
Provides better inventory management and less risk of overstocking.

Consignment inventory requires ongoing inventory reconciliation and tracking of each product/item used, which results in additional tasks for you and your employees.

Dropshipping is a logistics model where we send products directly to your customers. We handle inventory and product management and ship directly from our warehouse without passing you. This logistics solution has grown in popularity recently because it reduces costs and your need for inventory.

Minimises the risk and capital costs associated with inventory. It allows you to offer a wide selection of products without investing in a large inventory.

There is less control over the delivery process and product quality as you need to see and handle the product. Due to an additional communication channel, customer service may have slightly longer delivery and response times.

The delivery agreement that suits you best.

Sinoscan offers you a range of delivery terms that ensure your needs are met efficiently and effortlessly, regardless of your location. 

We offer all INCOterms delivery agreements so that you can tailor your logistics agreement to your needs. 

Here, you can read about the agreements we primarily work with.

When you choose EXW with us, we make your goods available directly at our facilities. This means you take responsibility for the entire transportation process from our door, including all costs and risks of moving the goods to your desired destination.

With FCA, we hand over your merchandise to a carrier you choose at a predetermined location. We guarantee that the items are appropriately prepared and handled for shipping before transferring responsibility and cost to you, the buyer.

We will cover the transportation costs to deliver your goods to the specified destination with CPT. However, once they are handed over to the first carrier, responsibility for the goods transfers to you, even though we pay for the freight.

When you choose CIP, we take care of transportation expenses and provide insurance coverage against the risk of loss or damage to goods during transportation. We ensure minimum insurance coverage so you can feel secure all the way.

With DAP, we ensure that your goods are delivered directly to the specified location and ready for unloading from the arriving transport. We handle all risks and costs associated with the transport until the goods reach you, except for customs clearance.

With DPU, we deliver your goods to the specified delivery location and even handle the unloading from the transport vehicle. This is the only delivery condition where we unload the goods, providing you with extra convenience.

If you choose DDP, we take responsibility for delivering your goods directly to you, including all costs and fees paid, so your goods arrive without additional costs. This means that we handle all aspects of transportation, including customs and taxes, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

DDP, when hassle-free is a priority.

Our customers typically choose to make a DDP agreement, which provides the following benefits:

With DDP, we take care of all aspects of the shipment – from start to finish. This includes all legal and administrative processes, relieving you from the stress and complexities of international shipping.

No unexpected costs
DDP covers all costs, including transportation, import duties, and taxes, until the goods are delivered directly to your door. This clarifies costs from the start, eliminates the risk of unforeseen expenses, and makes budgeting easier.

Risk minimisations
We take responsibility for the goods and their associated risk until they reach your delivery location. This means you can rest assured that your goods are safe, minimising risk.

Time efficiency
By allowing us to handle logistics and customs processing, you can focus on your core business. We ensure that your goods are delivered on time, streamlining your operations and saving you time.

Simplicity and convenience
This is a simple and convenient shipping solution. You have one point of contact throughout the process, simplifying communication and ensuring a smooth shipping process.

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