From Product Vision to Design Brief

Development specialists focused on value-adding products and solutions.

With a team of engineers and designers, you are in safe hands when embarking on your product development journey. Together, we create the framework for your development project, providing an overview of the process and what to expect.

We combine the best of both worlds to ensure you get the optimal development process.

Before starting a development project, we investigate it from all aspects, including design, production, construction, sales, and sustainability. This helps you have confidence in the development process you are embarking on.

Design Brief - A Tool with Many Benefits

Before we start designing and developing a product, we create a design brief outlining our agreement for the project.

The design brief delves into various aspects of the product/part we’re developing, including function, strength, weight, materials, usage patterns, surface, interaction, and sustainability.

The creation of a design brief helps pinpoint a product’s essential aspects and ensures that we agree on the development project’s goal.

SinoScan er din udviklingspartner i produktudvikling og design a nye produkter

We carefully consider projects - all the way from the design brief.

We have been approved for ISO 9001:2015 because quality is a part of our DNA.

We prioritise quality from the very beginning of a project, which ensures that projects are developed with a focus on quality right from the start. Quality focus begins with the design brief, where we help define which parameters are essential to measure and adhere to.

From Idea to Design: The Path to Your Product's Success.

Transforming a product idea into a finished design is a complex journey that requires insight, expertise, and a deep understanding of market dynamics and the unique needs of the end user.

At SinoScan, we are committed to guiding you through this process with our comprehensive range of services, from initial consultation to detailed market research and precise end-user needs analysis.

Initial Consultation and Feedback

The first phase of the journey involves in-depth dialogue between you and our team of experienced designers and industry experts.

This initial sparring is crucial to fine-tuning your idea, identifying potential challenges, and outlining a preliminary path ahead. Engaging in this process ensures that the product idea is innovative, realistic, and feasible.

In-depth Market Research

Our customised market research delves into critical aspects of your target audience, including consumer behaviour, market size, and competitor analysis.

This insight is essential to effectively positioning your product in the market, standing out from the competition, and maximising product appeal and success.

In-depth User Needs Analysis

Understanding the needs and desires of end users is the cornerstone of any successful design. Through extensive analysis and user feedback, we gather valuable information that informs the design process, ensuring your product meets and exceeds your target audience’s expectations.

This approach ensures that the product is relevant, user-friendly, and highly valued by the end user.

Formulating concrete design requirements

Based on the collected information and analyses, we develop a detailed specification of design requirements. This includes everything from the product design’s aesthetic to functionality and user experience.

By establishing clear and precise design requirements, we ensure that the final product development runs smoothly and efficiently and leads to a product that is visually appealing and functionally superior.

Our commitment to your success continues beyond the design phase. We are here to support you throughout the entire product development process, from idea generation to production and marketing.

Are you ready to bring your idea to life?

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