Sand Casting

The cost-effective production method for complex medium-volume parts

We have a wealth of experience in sand casting and produce products used in various market sectors and industries. We are a production partner who engages with our clients to provide a high-quality, competitive solution.

Sand casting is one of the oldest and most widely used casting methods. In this process, molten metal is poured into a sand mould. This process can produce a wide range of metal parts with complex geometries. The mould is formed by packing sand around a pattern of the item to be cast, creating a cavity. Once the metal solidifies, the sand mould is broken to reveal the cast part.

The greatest advantage lies in its flexibility and cost-effectiveness for small to medium production runs. It can accommodate almost any alloy and is well-suited for creating complex shapes and large parts. The relatively low cost of mould materials and the ease with which they can be modified make sand casting ideal for prototypes and custom projects.

We have access to a wide range of materials and foundries and can support the entire project cycle from design, engineering support, prototyping to mass production volumes. CMM inspection is used where possible to eliminate human error but also provide a robust and repeatable inspection process against approved specifications.

The table below details our standard product offerings, but please get in touch if you have a special requirement.

Sand Casting
Tooling Design Yes
Production Tooling 15-30 Days
Standard Tolerance ISO 8062-3:2007
Heat Treatment Yes
Output per Day Hundreds
Minimum Order Often as low as 100
Casting Weight 2kg-250kg
Impregnation Yes
Anodising Variety of colours available.
Material Certificates Every Batch
Inspection Methods CMM, Micrometers, Height Gauge, Verniers etc.
Tensile Strength Testing Yes
Hardness Testing Yes
X-RAY Yes, on request
Pressure Testing Yes
Inspection Reports Completed on every batch

We can support your sand-casting project and are highly skilled in providing complete turnkey solutions.

We can provide a sub or full assembly service incorporating your sand-casting design. 

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