Production methods

Find the right production method for your products.

We know the production possibilities and have more than 25 years of experience in producing components.

Therefore, you get a strong partner who can advise and assist with the production of components.

Additionally, you will receive the following:

Casting methods

Casting items is a popular production method because it offers great design freedom while minimising material waste.


When high tolerances are required, machining methods are used, as they allow for a higher degree of precision.


Sheet and machine processing

For the production of sheet metal items, various approaches are used to bring the sheet to the finished item. More complex items also need to be welded together to achieve the desired geometry.

Contract manufacturing and test

If you need a stable supply chain of high-quality parts, read more about what we do here.

Surface treatment

Finally, items can be surface treated if they need a special color, extra corrosion protection, or other properties.

Seeking out other production methods?

With a wide network of suppliers, we can help you find the correct production method for your parts, sub-assemblies or products.

Our wide network of suppliers allows you to optimise your supply chain and increase your turnover.

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