The process of turning metals into finished products, using various techniques.

We provide the complete service including cutting, bending, welding and assembly. We have extensive experience of supplying parts into different market sectors and industries.

We have been supplying metal fabrications to various industries and markets for over 20 years. 

Metal fabrication is a process that forms metals into a desired shape using various production methods. We produce small components like metal brackets and more complicated products like manifolds or custom impellers. 


We offer a range of services, which includes metal stamping and pressing, sheet metal folding, metal tube/wire forming, metal cutting, and welding. 

We have a range of post-process operations, including grinding, polishing, sandblasting, and assembly. We can complete the product with a range of surface finishes, including spraying, anodising, electroplating, and electro-polishing. Common materials include aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, and carbon steel. 


All products are produced and tested in accordance with detailed drawings and inspection criteria. A unique part of our offering is our Impeller offering. We offer impeller crimping and automatic welding, automated stamping and insertion, dynamic balancing, and strength testing.


The table below details our standard product offerings, but please get in touch if you have a special requirement.

Product Design Yes
DFM analysis Yes
Prototype production Yes
General Tolerances +/- 0.01 - 0.05 mm
Standard Materials Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Titanium and Carbon Steel
Stamping / Pressing range 10-200 tons
Multistage Pressing Yes
Deep Drawing Yes 1000 x 1000mm
Sheet Metal Cutting Up to 30mm
Sheet Metal Folding CNC aided and hydraulic
Maximum fold length 3m
Laser Cutting Yes
Welding TIG,MIG, Flux and laser Welding
Impeller – Crimping output 500,000 per month
Impeller - welding 32,000 per month
Impeller – Automatic welding Yes
Material Certificates Every batch
Inspection Reports Completed on every batch.

We can support your plastic or Fabrication project and are highly skilled in providing complete turnkey solutions. 

We can provide a sub or full assembly service that incorporates your Fabrication.

SinoScan er din udviklingspartner, der hjælper med produktudvikling og produktion af hardware og fysiske produkter I SinoScan

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