Plastic and Rubber Moulding

The most commonly used production method for plastic

Plastic and rubber moulding has evolved to become the most commonly used production methods due to its great flexibility and high uniformity of the finished products.

We have experience of plastic injection and rubber moulding in a wide range of materials and supply products across various industries. Our expert team will assist at an early stage and provide feedback on moulding feasibility alongside any design improvements to benefit cost or manufacturability.
We have extensive access to raw materials, alongside tooling partners giving customers a flexible and agile approach to a process normally associated with medium to high production volumes.

We can 3D print or CNC prototype volumes for design verification before tooling is committed. We offer a cost-effective tooling solution and build the tooling around the annual volume and life expectancy of the product to ensure it is fit for purpose. We also offer machining and finishing services from simple items to complicated assembled parts.

The table below details our standard product offerings, but please get in touch if you have a special requirement.

Plastic and rubber moulding
Tooling Design Yes
Rapid prototyping Yes
Standard Materials PC, ABS, POM, PE, HDPE, PET, NR, EPDM, PU
Maximum tool size 1200 x 800 x 700mm
Tooling lead-time 20-50 days
Mould life 200,000 – 2,000,000 shots
Insert moulding capability Yes
Standard tolerances 0.02mm to 0.1mm
Production lead-time 4-6 Weeks
Machining Yes
Finishing Polishing, silk screening, labelling, laser engraving
Material certificates Every batch
Inspection reports Completed on every batch

We can support your plastic or Rubber moulding project and are highly skilled in providing complete turnkey solutions.

We can provide a sub or full assembly service which incorporates your moulding product design.

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