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SinoScan Collaborated with Hamag A/S on the Development and Production of an EV charger

Robust project management and focus on design and construction possibilities catalysed a development project that strengthened Hamag’s position in the home charger market.

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Hamag is one of Denmark’s leading developers and suppliers of pumps for gasoline, diesel, oil and gas and has been delivering high-quality pump products to the transport sector for over 80 years.

As a leading supplier of pump and dispenser technology, Hamag has a solid foundation for being a front-runner in transportation fuels.

With the advent of electric cars, it was time to expand the product range to meet the increasing demand for home chargers. This is where the collaboration with SinoScan comes into play.

The solid collaboration started from a strong vision.

Hamag’s journey started with a vision to create the future home charger, which was designed, constructed, and produced in Denmark. The aim was to combine quality, reliability, and sound design in the development process.

SinoScan’s 3-phase development process took the home charger from vision to a finished product. From design to delivery-ready product, the focus was on creating a simple product in design and construction.

The dedication to creating a quality product has influenced both the development process and the finished product.




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Along with one of his engineers, SinoScan’s CEO Lars collaborated with Hamag’s development department to plan the development of Hamag’s latest project – a home charger for electric cars designed to integrate into Danish driveways seamlessly. The goal was clear: the charger had to be developed, produced and assembled in Denmark. The quality of the charger was one of the most critical parameters, as it had to live up to Hamag’s image as a supplier of high-quality products to the transport sector.

At the end of the meeting, the agreement was that SinoScan would provide the following:

  • Ongoing planning, budgeting, and reporting for a complete overview and control of the project’s progress.

  • The design of the home charger focuses on functionality and technical specifications.

  • Establishment of a Danish supply chain and production line in Vejle.

  • Mechanical, electronic and software competencies.

  • Employee training in assembly processes.

  • Robust project management, technical expertise and dynamic collaboration.

SinoScan helped Hamag develop its first home charger, leading it in the rapidly growing market. Focusing on a dynamic product development process, the electric charger was developed without losing focus on Hamag’s core business. Hamag thus achieved a strong product and maintained its leading position as Denmark’s leading supplier of fuels to the transport sector.

SinoScan hjælper med produktudvikling, konstruktion og produktion af produkter I Sinoscan

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At first glance, a home charger may seem uncomplicated, but behind it lies many considerations.

SinoScan helped Hamag bring its vision from an idea to a delivery-ready product.

Through an agile development process, the focus was on developing a home charger to achieve CE certification while manufacturing and assembling in Denmark.

From vision to deliverable product

From start to finish, there has been a focus on creating a high-quality product that exceeds the current requirements for home chargers.

During the design phase, it became clear that the product should be minimalist and stylish to fit into Danish driveways. This vision was also incorporated into the construction phase, where the product was optimised for production and assembly.

As a final part of the development project, and based on successful prototypes, the home charger was put into production and introduced into an assembly process in Vejle.

CE certification, quality control, and extensive testing of the final product ensured that the product meets relevant standards and can withstand outdoor use for many years.

SinoScan has been a dynamic and reliable partner in both development and production. Their combination of strong project management and technical expertise has helped position us in an important market.

Rene Lyngskov Kristensen

Concept Manager and Sales, Hamag A/S

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