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From design to construction

We evaluate your design’s structural and functional aspects and translate them into production-ready drawings and documentation. Material and process selection is based on extensive experience with daily production, compliance with relevant standards, and quality management.

We pride ourselves on approaching the construction work down-to-earth, pragmatic, and collaboratively.

3D Project Engineer, Gert, and 3D CAD Engineer, Christian, SinoScan Denmark.
Managing Director of SinoScan Denmark, Lars, with SinoScan Group CEO, Uffe, SinoScan Denmark

Make sure your product is engineered correct

We select the most optimal materials and conduct testing to ensure that your product meets the requirements to which it is exposed.

Rest assured that you will receive guidance on the appropriate materials. Our experience from 100+ projects ensures that we know materials, tests, production methods, and more to guide you as effectively as possible.

Electronics and software

Developing products with electronic and software components may require extensive coordination and collaboration between mechanical, electronic, and software developers.

We rely on strong, long-standing partnerships with electronic and software developers who are just as skilled at their jobs as we are at mechanical design and construction.

We use these partnerships to offer our customers a development team that encompasses all the required expertise and is used to working together.

Develop meeting, SinoScan Denmark.

Selected customer cases

Hamag A/S

Collaboration on the development and production of home chargers for electric vehicles supports business development at Hamag A/S.

Perfect Princess Beds

Design, engineering and manufacturing of the perfect princess bed


Product sourcing in a growth adventure

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