You have a design or a prototype

We help you prepare for production


You have a design or a prototype

We help you prepare for production

You have a product idea

We help you turn it into a product design

You have a design or a prototype

We help you prepare for production

You are ready for production

We manufacture it and manage your supply chain

3D Project Engineer, Gert, and 3D CAD Engineer, Christian, SinoScan Denmark

From design to blueprint

We provide you with functional and structural evaluations of your design, and translate it into production-ready documentation and drawings.

We conduct material and production process selections based on our extensive experience with manufacturing operations, regulatory compliance and daily quality management.

– and we maintain a hands-on, practical and collaborative approach to the art of product engineering.

Building your product to last

Both testing and simulations are used to ensure that engineering decisions are optimised for quality, performance and robustness.

We ensure that your product is built according to the most exacting standards – safeguarding both regulatory compliance and the needs of the end-user.

Managing Director, Lars, and SinoScan Group CEO, Uffe, SinoScan Denmark

Electronics and software

Developing products with electronic and software components requires a lot of coordination and collaboration between mechanical, electronics and software development teams.

We maintain tried and tested partnerships with electronics and software developers that are as good at what they do, as we are at mechanical design and engineering.

We leverage these partnerships to offer our clients a development team that spans all the required disciplines and that is used to working together.

Customer cases

EV charger to the sustainable transition
SinoScan Collaborated with Hamag A/S on the Development and Production of an EV charger Robust project management and focus on design and construction possibilities catalysed ...
Customer: Perfect Princess Beds Customer type: SME Services rendered: Design, engineering, manufacturing
Customer: Fasterholt Customer type: SME Services rendered: Sourcing of cast parts, machined parts and final assembly of turbine.
Arguadio shower length monitor to nudge the user to take shorter showers.
Customer: Aguardio Customer type: Startup Services rendered: Design optimisation, product development, engineering and manufacturing of patented water sensor.
Customer name: 3Shape Customer type: Large enterprise Services rendered: Design optimisation, prototyping and engineering of worktable for dental clinics.
Customer name: iiamo Customer type: SME Services rendered: Prototyping, engineering and manufacturing of heating element for baby bottle.

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you need to prepare for production?

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