You have a product idea

We help you turn it into a product design


You have a product idea

We help you turn it into a product design

You have a product idea

We help you turn it into a product design

You have a design or a prototype

We help you prepare for production

You are ready for production

We manufacture it and manage your supply chain

Manging Director, Lars Andersen (left), SinoScan Denmark

Capturing your product vision

We work with you to explore and clarify the design requirements needed to make your product vision a reality.

If needed, we can leverage long-standing partnerships to carry out market and user research to validate or improve the commercial viability of your product.

Designing your product

Building on your design requirements brief our multidisciplinary design and engineering teams design your product – on their own or in tandem with your staff.

3D models and functional prototypes that capture the user experience are built to test your design and acquire user feedback.

We provide the project management skills and resources needed to ensure the quality and timeliness of milestone deliverables – and we work with you, your staff and all project stakeholders to drive progress.

3D Project Engineer, Gert (left), and 3D CAD Engineer, Christian (right), SinoScan Denmark

Managing Director, Pete (left), Design Engineer, Declan (middle) and Project Engineer, Nick (right), SinoScan UK

Optimising for manufacturing

Working with us as your design partner, you can rest assured that manufacturing considerations are taken into account during the design stage.

In our experience, this can help minimise the need for later design revisions and save valuable time and project resources.

Customer cases

EV charger to the sustainable transition
SinoScan Collaborated with Hamag A/S on the Development and Production of an EV charger Robust project management and focus on design and construction possibilities catalysed ...
Customer: Perfect Princess Beds Customer type: SME Services rendered: Design, engineering, manufacturing
Customer: Fasterholt Customer type: SME Services rendered: Sourcing of cast parts, machined parts and final assembly of turbine.
Arguadio shower length monitor to nudge the user to take shorter showers.
Customer: Aguardio Customer type: Startup Services rendered: Design optimisation, product development, engineering and manufacturing of patented water sensor.
Customer name: 3Shape Customer type: Large enterprise Services rendered: Design optimisation, prototyping and engineering of worktable for dental clinics.
Customer name: iiamo Customer type: SME Services rendered: Prototyping, engineering and manufacturing of heating element for baby bottle.

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